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MRI for pets

EquiSound has the first MRI system in the Benelux that can be used for both horses and pets.

EquiSound MR centre is an independent centre for MR investigations and the associated neurological examinations. Apart from a team of equine veterinarians. A prior thorough neurological investigation is important. This helps to determine the region to be scanned and estimate the importance of the MR abnormalities. We attach great importance to the communication with the first line and/or referring veterinarian(s).

MRI for pets

MRI is the abbreviation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is a detailed imaging technique which can provide very useful information about different anatomical structures that cannot be visualized using other imaging techniques (e.g. radiography, ultrasound, CT). MRI is an essential technique for neurological patients, since it allows to investigate the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves thoroughly in a 3-dimensional way. Naturally, there are also other indications such as orthopaedic problems (cruciate ligament abnormalities, bone oedema, tumors…). Another advantage of MRI, compared to radiography and CT, is that no harmful radiation is used.


What is MRI ?

MRI is a complicated technique using magnetic fields and radio-frequent pulses. The animal is placed in the magnetic field. At that moment all hydrogen protons will align in the same direction parallel to the magnetic field. The hydrogen protons are triggered by a radio-frequent pulse and get out of balance, after which they move back to the previous position again. During this process, energy is released and transmitted to a receiver coil. The computer translates this received energy into an MR image. Each tissue (bone, fat, nerve or muscle tissue,…) contains a certain amount of hydrogen protons leading to different amounts of transmitted energy when placed into the magnetic field. Therefore, MRI is able to visualize and differentiate these types of tissues.

 Different types of sequences can be obtained based on the interaction of hydrogen protons and the magnetic field. Per sequence, three different projections (sagittal, transverse and dorsal) are possible. All images together give us a lot of anatomical and pathological information.


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