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A thorough dental examination of your horse is essential for his health and good performance. If your horse experiences pain in the mouth during eating and/or riding, he will perform less good. He will chew his food less, so he cannot utilize the food properly.

An incorrect placement of a tooth, a fractured tooth, sharp enamel points and the associated wounds of the mucosa of tongue and cheek, can lead to inefficient chewing, incorrect wear of other teeth, protest against the bit and even the loss of one or several teeth. Horses don’t show dental problems in an early stage, so without a regular check-up, your horse can develop severe dental disorders, loss of performance, weight loss, … A yearly dental examination is strongly advised, and some horses need it even more often. A thorough dental exam and treatment need to be done by a specialist and under sedation.

Our goal is a healthy and well performing horse!

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