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Prepurchase examinations

A prepurchase exam of your horse

At the purchase of a horse, a veterinary prepurchase examination by a veterinarian you trust is important. This way, you know if the horse will fit for the intended use.

Report of the prepurchase examination

During a prepurchase exam we collect all data of the horse: clinical situation, age, previous performances, information from buyer and seller, information from radiographs, … This information is then used to establish the prognosis relative to the intended use.

A matching horse for every goal

All horses have some comments that require notation and evaluation. It is important to provide the buyer a relative risk. Establishing the prognosis for the horses to be serviceable for the intended use needs to be done by a specialist. Prepurchase exams performed at EquiSound are recognized by the different insurance companies in Belgium.

Are you looking for a veterinarian for the prepurchase exam of your horse? You can make an appointment.

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