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Arno - Walibo

Arno had been taking part in ring riding competitions for years, when his horse suddenly began to limp intermittently. Walibo was 12 years old at the time. It turned out the cause was a tendon injury and navicular syndrome. Walibo underwent various treatments from 2015 but kept limping regularly. He was retired as a precaution, but Arno never gave up searching for a solution. He would find it some years later with BackSound®, the new treatment method from Michel Hoegaerts at EquiSound.

In 2018 Walibo became the first horse to be treated with the new BackSound® therapy – an immediate success story. Since 2019 Walibo’s gait has been perfectly clean, and in summers he can once again be found in ring riding demonstrations with his owner Arno. In winter, they head outdoors together or practice dressage in the arena.


“Ring riding is a very specific discipline, that our horses are trained for especially. That’s why Walibo was and is a very valuable horse for me: we invested lots of time in his training. So I am delighted that we can ride together again.”


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