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Farriery is an essential part of an orthopaedic treatment. At EquiSound we attach great importance to correct hoof care and shoeing.

Orthopaedic horse shoes

The healing and revalidation of several injuries can be supported with an orthopaedic shoeing. EquiSound has the complete product range of ACR aluminium horse shoes in stock. We are also distributor of this range of horse shoes for all farriers in the Benelux. Thus we can work in close cooperation with your own farrier at home.

Shoes tailored to your horse

EquiSound is specialized in sports management for all disciplines. Thus we have horse shoes for jumping, dressage and endurance horses, trotters, … Combined with regular medical check-ups we try to prevent injuries during the sports career.

Our farrier Filip Verniest provides every horse with an adapted orthopaedic shoeing.

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