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Surgery of the horse

Surgery of the horse: our surgery room

Some injuries or diseases can exclusively or ideally be cured in a surgical way. EquiSound has all modern equipment needed for anesthesia and surgery.



At EquiSound, we perform surgical procedures such as:

  • Removal of (OCD) fragments in all joints
  • Cornage / upper airway surgery
  • Fracture repair and screwing
  • Castrations
  • Castration of cryptorchid horses
  • Correction of varus/valgus in foals
  • Closure of umbilical hernias

We don’t perform colic surgeries to not interfere with our schedule of planned appointments. 

Safety first

The safety of your horse and the surgeon is always primordial. We can perform save and accurate surgeries thanks to gaseous anesthesia, controlled ventilation, blood gas analysis and monitoring.

For surgery, you can make an appointment here.

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