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Kathy & Steven - Fantoli

Even after Fantoli was diagnosed with advanced navicular syndrome in both front legs, she found loving new owners in Kathy and Steven. The mare was 18 years old when all treatment options to alleviate her pain had been exhausted.

“Various types of horseshoe, osteopathy, a number of infiltrations, … we even considered a neurectomy to give Fantoli a few more pain-free years. We were giving her up to three bags of Butagran and Danilon a day to provide some comfort, when a friend told me that EquiSound ws looking for horses to test a new treatment method.”

Fantoli became part of the test group for the new BackSound® therapy in 2019. After a few weeks a clear difference became apparent and Fantoli’s pain medications could be phased out. The mare’s gait remained clean even without painkillers. Today, Fantoli has been pain-free for 8 months.

“I had just sold all my equipment and completely retired Fantoli. We only did short unmounted walks. There are no words to describe our joy when we found that Fantoli could run smoothly again. For ten years I searched for solutions, for a panacea … without knowing that Michel was hard at work with BackSound®. I am so glad we persevered and did not have Fantoli put down …”


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