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Floor - Jinx

When your horse always used to enjoy a jump and suddenly hardly wants to move off the pasture, you know something is wrong. Jinx was 8 years old when she began to experience pain while walking. An RX scan was performed and owner Floor put her on rest for a while, but the mare kept limping. In 2017 an MRI scan showed signs of navicular syndrome – a serious setback for Jinx’s athletic future.

At least, until Floor received an email from Michel in March of this year, explaining about his new therapy BackSound®. Floor decided to take her chances and had Jinx treated in spring. Her condition improved, but Jinx seemed to need a little time. Yet this was no reason for despair: three months after the treatment, the difference was clearly noticeable.

“At first Jinx still walked a little stiffly, but I was able to lightly ride her in a walk and a trot – I was already overjoyed. Her condition kept improving, and by now her gait is completely clean. The road I’ve taken with Jinx has taught me that goals and achievements are completely unimportant to your enjoyment of a horse. Her condition will never be cured completely, but if I can offer her a comfortable life this way and we can take regular easy walks together, I am as happy as can be.”


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